Some 20 years ago, I made a statement, that one day there would be a beautiful healing centre here, and since that time I know that everything that I have studied and experienced has led me to where I am today. And now with our Day Retreats and Health and Wellbeing workshops I know that all of this is happening.
Our Day Retreats give people the opportunity to de-stress and have a day of relaxation, enjoyment, and to be able to refocus on what is important in their lives. I offer this with a team of great therapist who work beside me on our days and who are all like minded and dedicated to their work and the ideal of Harmony Place.
My dream for here is still the same, so I will continue to grow, and have visions on how I can improve our days, and will always be grateful that I can do this, as this is my joy, my love, my passion.

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