Pamper Yourself with a Full Day of Relaxation! 
Come along and experience the peace and tranquility of Harmony Place at our Day Retreats.
Let us help you to feel healed and rejuvenated as you relax into the peaceful surroundings of nature whilst enjoying all our day has to offer.  

  • Your day will start with a 60 Min. session of Morning Movement Yoga and Meditation, just the thing to unwind, stretch out the kinks and enjoy all the benefits that this beautiful modality will bring to you.Our teachers are very gentle and very professional, if you are new to yoga you will love the experience.
  •  Throughout the day we will engage you in our special wellness sessions,learn how to create your own state of mindfulness, clear away all the mental chatter, enjoy the benefits of massage and engage with others in our group activities,learn how to laugh again, or simply just relax and chill out, i'ts up to you !  
  • As part of the day we will also offer you the opportunity to engage with our highly trained therapists, please find a list of the available therapies here.
  • We will tempt your taste buds with our delicious morning tea and wholefoods vegetarian lunch, we have all our food catered on the day, so only the best will do.
  • We do have Gluten Free and Vegan options,just let us know your needs before your day.
  • Throughout the day you will be able to experience and enjoy the benefits of Shiatsu Foot Massage, you might like to enjoy this more than once.
  •  Our Afternoon Delight is another 60 Min. session for you to enjoy where we will guide you through gentle movement,visualization,deep restorative breathing techniques and deep meditation, enabling you to incorporate this into your everyday life, so you can continue to find peace and wellness when you leave Harmony Place and return to your busy world.
  • Each day retreat is slightly different and offers different therapies.
  • You will receive guidance and insights tapping into your inner knowing and intuition helping with stress, anxiety and fears, bringing self empowerment into your life on a daily basis.
  • We recommend that you form your own group of like-minded people and organise your own special day with us.
  • These days run from 8.45 am until 3.30pm.
  • Bring your family and friends for a truly enjoyable escape.

Full Day Packages with Morning Tea and Lunch included is $199.00 per person.

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