Welcome to Harmony Place Workshops.

In 2017 we are offering you more opportunities for self development, self improvement and self love. We spend so much of our life rushing around and trying to get everything done and be everything to everyone. In order to stop, relax and learn to enjoy our life we need some tools and skills to help us.  That is why we have created the Harmony Place workshops series. 

Facilitated by Jackie Barrow

Join us for a night of fun, celebration,forgiveness and manifestation. 
Experience sacred space together as we celebrate the power of the full moon, we will explore
how you can use the moon to improve your life:

- Get in touch with your inner world to release emotional blockages. 
- Use the power of the moon to clear and manifest.    
- Learn how true feminine power can help to create a better world for you and all of us.
- Practice forgiveness.
- EXPERIENCE the wonderful tools of meditation,smudging,fire, water, energetic manifestation and moon dance.







Body Harmony Exercise Class - When exercising becomes a dance into life.
These easy to perform tranquil fluid, graceful,naturally flowing patterns of movements are not only profoundly effective in strengthening, toning, balancing and increasing flexibility in the body but also have an amazing curative effect in healing joint diseases and internal disorders.
They are suitable for those who do not like "exercising" or those who have not exercised for a long time, for office workers and very effective for our lovely and much treasured "Golden Oldies".
Exercises are enjoyed overlooking the beautiful and tranquil environment at Harmony Place.
Prepaid 6 weeks $60 - Casual $15. 

Available Wednesday Mornings
Contact: harmonyplace7@bigpond.com  for bookings or phone 38511528